Our history begins in 1923 when I, Guido Nannini, together with Giovanni Bei, founded "The Coffee Society of Lucca - Bei and Nannini S.n.c.”, which still bears our name today. Since the very beginning coffee for us has been an art, in which trained eyes and refined palates succeed in obtaining the best from our blends.

For this reason we have consistently endeavored to seek the highest quality wherever we found coffee that satisfied the taste requirements of our customers. Only by reason of going to the countries of origin and maintaining constant relationships with the producers have we been able to maintainthe quality of our blends unchanged over the years. By evaluating climatic conditions, as well as altitude and above all the techniques of cultivation, we obtain blends that give complete satisfaction in terms of flavour and the enjoyment ofgood coffee.

Still today our sons, daughters, nieces and nephews continue the family tradition whilst employing the most modern techniques. At our premises, traditional machines and modern roasting and packaging equipment, to ensure the flavour and the aroma of the newly-roasted coffee are maintained, may be found side by side. Thus, thanks to constant research and technological innovation over the years, we have been able to offer products and packaging which guarantee the aroma of our blends.

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